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November 10, 2009


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feeling good...is there anything better?
love your new red shoes and the picture of them and you in the leaves!

wishes, true and kind

Thanks for sharing the "goodness". I feel more upbeat just from reading your blog :)

Lisa Q

great way to kick off my morning! now I've got James Brown in my head! so glad you had a great weekend and that there are so many things in your life to be feeling good about!


Yay to feeling good! Enjoy! :)


And I love your space, and all that you share


wait! they knit a guitar!!!!!!!! did you see that???


i feel good beginning my day reading this post and knowing that you feel good in general.
Shoes, skirt and seed pod = all great.
pie + pie baking kiddo + yummy!
enjoy the rest of the week.


I bet the shoes are a real true feel good factor. I love red shoes or bags, I don't have any right now. That might explain why I feel under the weather ;o)

Hip Mountain Mama

Oh, a little James Brown is so good for the soul! Yes, it will be in my head for the rest of the week...and this is a good thing.
I so agree about feeling good about being in this "crafting, blogging, creating community". It has been such a huge part of my life these past 6 months, I don't know how I ever lived without it. I do think that because we are not living with our extending families as we used to, we are so in need of an extended community and we are finding it here through our blogs! Yeah for us! It is such an intuitive need and we have been without it for sooo long, it is about time we took back our need to connect with other women creatively, emotionally, spiritually, etc.! Feels good!

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