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November 20, 2009


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Meg Evans

I re-use our family's napkins. Very often, the kids don't even use theirs. I tend to re-fold them until they're noticeably dirty (for shame!)


We reuse too! We all have different napkin rings, so I shake them out and put them back into the appropriate ring.

Jodi at The Jolly Bee

Great idea with the napkins. When I was studying in England, I stayed at a friend's house. Her mother used a different napkin ring for each person. We re-used our napkins several times over because we had our own unique holder. And, your blocks are lovely.
-- Jodi


Love the napkin idea. My kids each have their favorite colors so I bet they would love some of their own. Happy weekend!


We totally reuse our napkins too!! Hello, sometimes they're just not really dirty, less laundry, less water and electricity used. Lovely reason to sew some funky ones up!

wishes, true and kind

Cute napkins. LOL about how paranoid we've all become about germs.

Lisa Q

we sometimes reuse ours too, if I can see that they haven't even been touched by the kids or my honey...somehow mine always gets used! Those are adorable...I call the tea cup one! How did you do the corners? I'd love a Tuesday Tidbit on how to do mitered corners on fabric napkins...hint hint. I've got it down on binding, but don't know how to do it with on piece of fabric like a napkin. Can't wait to see your big girl neighborly! Have a wonderful weekend with friends and family.


Excellent problem solving skills Mama! I love how they turned out. Fun fabrics for napkins.


I've always thought the same about reusing unsoiled cloth napkins! I'm so with you. when we start using them consistently, I'll use your tip of a different cloth for each guest!


That's such a smart idea. We use napkins but then I never know which is which.
It will be one more little project on my list of things to sew. I am just starting up.


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