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October 04, 2009


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Lisa Q

exactly! and those smoothies are filled with nutrients and lots of mama's love! I am amazed at your talent and ability to break this major quilt down into doable steps. WoW! I am also quite taken with that ruler. That could make life quite simple. Thanks so much for doing all this Larissa...this could become chapter 4 {Leslie's quilt, modified}.


this project looks like it took a lot of mental energy and time to create! your quilting friends will be following along and thanking you at the end of the project!
amazing, simply amazing!

full-time teacher? haven't you told him about your book? you're going to be one of the newest best selling authors! another chapter in progress.


Your instructions are so clear and detailed it even makes me (a quilt novice) confident that I could do it :)

I used to wonder why at home moms didn't get jobs the minute all the kids were in school....now that I know why-They need/deserve a little bit of time to themselves :)


This is so amazing. Your tutorials are always so clear and easy to follow along with, and I love the way that this turns out. I will be getting my fabrics together in the coming weeks.

Thank you Larissa


Hey! Just found your blog and love all of your quilt projects. Looks like you live near me in VA, too!


I don't know how I didn't stumble upon you and your lovely blog before, but I am glad I have. Thank you for this great tutorial. I think I now know what kind of quilt I will be making for my little girl. You are a genius!


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Just what the doctor ordered, tanhtkiy you!


It came out so cute! The quilting looks great. Sometimes I feel preussre (self imposed) to master the free hand style, but I like your lines and such. It is all I can do to manage large amounts of quilt in my standard machine. I like to thrift Store shop too. I've been reading Tallgrass w/o commenting lately but love your recent work. The bookmarks were clever and SO small/detailed! I like how your Star QAL came out. I'm still working on mine.

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