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July 12, 2009


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What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing about youself, Larissa, and the log cabin quilt is beautiful!


Wow, the quilt is beautiful. And it looks like the cucumbers turned out good too.

Lisa Q

The quilt turned out just wonderful. Such inspiration. When we get home from our vacation, I'll keep on working on mine! I loved reading those facts about you. How neat to have such a heritage. My grandmother is from Russia as well. She came over when she was a little girl. Enjoy your days...I love your reminder to enjoy the little things! So good!!


just like everyone else, I'm loving your quilt. the bright, happy colors make me smile.
I loved your 10 honest facts! learning more about my blog friends is so fun. and it's also a great idea for a post!


I love this post so much. First, the pics of the cucumbers are so neat. I love the symmetry and the lines on that photo.
We have so much in common, and it was neat to read your ten honest things. I can truly relate.

The pillow cases are amazing. I really want to try something like that soon.

Thanks for sharing!

theresa/t does wool

beautiful post...and I love the pillow!!

Mommy Blog

Beautiful and very creatives photos..
i really appreciate it ..
and it looks like cucumber turned out good..
thanks for sharing!!

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