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June 05, 2009


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What does the finished product look like?


Well, well, well... this simplifies things nicely! Would like to see the finished blocks too!!

Virginia June

Thank you so much. This looks so easy and makes me want to get started on a quilt.


wow I love this. thank you so much.


Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing it :-D


Need the finish project.


So glad I stumbled across this on Pinterest! I have a log cabin cut out in strips. This should make it super easy to assemble. Thank you!


Amazing!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial


Did you ever finish the quilt? I'm glad I stumbled upon this tutorial, but I'd love to see how you finished it! Thanks so much :) I know you mentioned the piecing is hard to explain, but your pictures really help!

Paula Lemos

What a smart idea, thank you so much for sharing!

Sharon Hill

I would love to follow this tutorial to the end if I may.

Beatrice Sykes

love to see the end result log cabin is my favourite


Terrific tutorial. But I'd start with a strip of the white centers, not squares, and just cut to size once that first strip is sewn.

Sue Lindsay

Thanks for posting the tutorial. I have been saving pics of log cabin quilts for years, seriously, but haven't tried one yet due to all the little piecing required. Now I will start one at last!


Inofarmtion is power and now I'm a !@#$ing dictator.

Karen Larsgard

Thank you, thank you!

Pamela Hartgerink

Love this as I love log cabin blocks . Can you show the rest?


I used this tutorial to make a quilt for myself late last year - my first log cabin. I cheated a bit and used jelly rolls - and it turned out so well that I will do it again soon!
Now I have linked to you on my blog so that others can use it too!

Betty Gardner

This is by far the easiest way to do a log cabin quilt. Thanks for your help. Is your quilt finished, would like to see finished quilt.

Jayne J

This is great! I'm going to try this. Many thanks for posting.


Why do you start by cutting the white fabric to squares. Can't it be cut after the first seam? So use two strips and cut after the first seam. No waste fabric!


Very cute, I'd have to agree with the comments- I would cut a 2" strip of both fabrics & sew them together, then go thru & rotary cut them down to 2" squares after pressing the seam open ^_^


Genius! Thank you:-)

Theresa Probe

Just finished 12, 20 inch blocks with a jelly roll in just an afternoon using this technique. Not sure if I'm going to sash it or just it piece it together.

Robin shufelt

i am looking for the rest of the tutorial??

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