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April 27, 2009


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Amanda Elizabeth

what a fantastic post! I totally needed this today ;)

Lisa Q

LOVE this post! This is so true...I must remember this! Nice neat stash you've got there...and you look fabulous without any makeup on!


:-D You made my day!

Kendall Micayla

Such pretty pictures,
Happy monday!


Thanks for this post, it is a good reminder to not let ourselves get focused on the negative, but to remember all the ways that we can find some joy. You look gorgeous without makeup BTW.


great ideas! love your photos.


Great post! I'm drooling over your fabric stash!


LOVE this! so needed this. should have purchased those oreos today at the grocery. have to go back...complete a task, eat a cookie. okay, with my to do list, I'd make myself sick. sounds good though. :)

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