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March 10, 2009


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i was going to do what you did...an asian women i met by chance at a show just came up to me and told me she wanted to show me how her granmother taught her. it was wierd, but anyway i didn't remember until you said it.
i did a knitted cast-on, but only have a couple rows done so i may go back and start again. did you cast on all your stitches on the two needles? like i'll need 103. i'm a little confused right now. but i look again in the morning. i'm pretty sure i can figure it.
it will be fun to see our progress together!


LOVE that sweater pattern! I'd love to know what yarn you're using here.

And thanks for sharing the cast-on method you use ... I'll have to try it next time!


yes, the double needle cast on is nice and uniform.
dump salad. i so need to absorb that term into my vocabulary. my great-grandmother would do something similar with like leftovers: pytt i panna. (literally, it means "put it in the pan" in swedish.)


Sarah, you can try long-tail using this method or you can stick with the tubular cast-on. It'll look great either way.

Courtney, yes, it's a great pattern - and super simple. the yarn is Sublime cashmere merino silk aran in 'shade 0009.' I purchased it on discount from WEBS.

sheepishone, dump salad is delicious and there's just one bowl to wash! can't beat that!


my knitting teacher taught me to knit to cast on- I'm sure there's an official name for it {that I don't know}. thanks for the great tips! I'll stop back here for a tutorial.

Lisa Q

I use a long tail cast on and just use one needle. I'll have to give this a try when I start my rusted root. I usually get pretty even stitches so I'll have to see the difference. thanks for sharing.

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