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March 25, 2009


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Sarah Jackson

That looks great! I'll have to do it that way for my next several skirts. We may have made one, but there is a stack of fabric waiting to be sewn up (including that one in orange). I don't have a serger, so French seam, here I come.


cute fabric!
i know that tip will come in handy for lib this spring. she wants to make a couple of her own skirts.

Lisa Q

I've heard of French seams, but never really knew what they were...thank you. I will try this, it looks easier than it sounds. Our fabric store wanted pillowcases sewn for charity with French seams...that kind of scared me away. Wish I'd have seen your tutorial then!


Oh thank you - I've always wondered about these too!

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My sister is superb at doing this but I cannot master it. Oh well... :-)

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We may have made one, but there is a stack of fabric waiting to be sewn up

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I have friends that will love this site - thanks.

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Wonderful! I saw this method in a sewing book I just purchased but didn't understand it. You've made it much clearer. Thank you! My machine is going to get one heck of a workout in the next few weeks as I try my hand at this.

Thank you!


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Wow. I like this cute and lovely skirt, especially for that sewed by ourselves.

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Surpeoir thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!


Your post cpauters the issue perfectly!


Thanks for contributing. It's hlpeed me understand the issues.


Oh Gayle, what a wonderful gift you are gnivig to a child with those special pillowcases with the prayers already tucked inside! I too, love the fairies, but each pattern is a happy one. I will pray for these pillows as they give a child something soft and personal and all their own to hug and hold on during such scary hospital stays. Blessings my friend.


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