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March 28, 2009


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my husband just brought that book home for me yesterday - i've been thinking about the headband all day! i like the reversible idea. thanks for sharing!

Lisa Q

I always love to see the fun fabrics you choose. You must have an awesome stash, or a fabric store close by! (maybe both :)) These are adorable.


I love that you used two different fabrics for the head scarves. I was literally just about to sit down at the machine to sew a few of these, but now......

Mythical Creatures Hentai

now I'll be tuned..

Susi from Germany

how old is the child you made it for? Please email me: [email protected]
Trying to figure out kids' sizes for the girls of my neighbor!


Reversible idea is fantastic! I just made a couple this morning with my daughter (sewing lesson!), but I didn't think to do them in two fabrics. Brilliant!

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