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April 12, 2013


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How beautiful! Looks like you all had a lovey, refreshing time. I would LOVE to go to a beach about now...BUT we are planning a family trip to Yellowstone in July, which will be just as nice in a different way. : )

Yes, sometimes the blurry, imperfect shots ARE my favorites. I keep them.


Such a beautiful spot to vacation! Looks like lots of fun was had by all:) Thanks for sharing your vacation!

Meg Evans

I love the pictures! I used to keep scrapbooks. Now I try to make sure I print pictures and at least put them in albums. The kids love looking over the pictures and scrapbooks--they even pester me about starting back up with the scrapbooks.

Which beach did you go to? Were you on Assateague? We are still looking for a place to go this summer. Virginia is one place we're considering.

Great to see all the kiddo pics!


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