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April 06, 2011


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I hope you all have a wonderful trip and a fun break!


Sunshine sounds amazing, we have more rain this week. Have a safe and wonderful trip!


I didn't realize until now that you're in Virginia! I live in Richmond. I haven't checked out the Picasso exhibit yet but I hope to soon. Nice to know another VA lady in the blog world. I grew up in Mathews County. I miss the coast..


Oooo sun and sand! So jealous!


I could always use some cleaning tips although at least I have started doing some decluttering. Enjoy the sun and sand.


Your Spring break doesn't sound like a break....You're working hard keeping those kids entertained! Ours isn't for a few more weeks. I think we'll be lake-bound for some Spring clean-up. I'm trying to simplify things around here. Thanks for your inspiration.

Lisa Q

have fun at the beach! Love the photos of the kids studying the different pieces of art work. Especially your son in the striped shirt in front of the striped statue....too fun!

theresa/t does wool

what a great spring break~


Hurray for mothers who take their kids to art museums! I also envy your trip to the beach. Hope you're having / had fun!


oh sweet friend, I hope you had a wonderful spring break vacation!! our break is next week, and we'll be doing a 'staycation'. I'm in the planning stages for a few day trips with the boys. your museum pictures have inspired me!

I'm anxious for you to read a few of my Germany posts...the Jewish history during my travels captivated me. I thought of you over and over again.



I am bummed that spring break is over. Now I have to get back to cleaning and such :) Hope you had a good one!


Enjoy spring break and the sand and sun.



Ortiz agreed to a one-year, $14.575 million contract on Feb. 13 and brought a greater desire to play a leadership role.


Good piotns all around. Truly appreciated.

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