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December 24, 2010


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beautifully said.

enjoy the holidays with your family.

dani@little fists

Your snowflakes are gorgeous!

I love your well wishes. The pictures are beautiful...calming and peaceful.

Hugs to you and your family, Larissa!


I had some of the same wishes on my blog, but you did a much lovelier presentation of them! Thank you and happy holidays!


Thanks for the holiday wishes -- do you bake fresh cookies every day? If so, I'm very impressed.


How nice! These are all great gifts. I hope you have them, too. I love the bears!


I love all your winter decorations! That snowflake garland is beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration!


this is such a beautiful post! your wishes are sweet and your photos are so soft and calming. i wish you a spectacular 2011.


I hope all of December was magical for you and your family. Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year!


How did I miss this one? The photos were so beautiful along with the sentiment. I wish you all the same in the New Year too!


Oh I love this post, every photograph is just so gorgeous! It looks like you have spent the holiday season, and the turn from Autumn into Winter enjoying some gorgeous snow and a lot of homemade/handmade goodness. I love the stitched heart, how beautiful is that! I may have to try and recreate that one for Valentine's Day :). Happy New Year Larissa, I can not wait to see what the year holds for you.

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