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October 04, 2010


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You definitely captured beauty and inspiration. I love that picture of the wet acorns. We collect them all the time. Have fun decorating inside while this wet weather sticks around for another couple days. ☺

Lisa Q

fall is my favorite season and I love a rainy fall day....but a week of rain is a lot! You did a great job of finding the lovely in the gloom though. I can't believe you have strawberries ripening! can't wait to see your home all deck out for fall. enjoy the cozying in! have a great week. hugs to you!


Beautiful photos! You managed to capture a lot of beauty in so much gloom :). Can't wait to see what you have been working on when the sun finally peeks out!


I have the same problem taking pictures inside. I'm finding lots of light bulbs that have burned out. I too am enjoying making our house cozy. You did a beautiful job with the pictures.


Beautiful images! You nailed it! :D


And you found beauty! Lovely photos ~

I'm also starting my Fall decorations; for me October 1st is the start of Fall!


Well, you definitely found the beauty for which you were searching! I hope you have a happy ignoring-weeding autumnal day.


Your pictures just encouraged me to go out and seek beauty. I was feeling down because of all the rain and lack of sun in my house. Thank you!!


I'm with you, fall is wonderfully beautiful! And a rainy fall day (when I can spend the entire day at home) is just the best. Have fun soaking up your season.


Oh, you captured some beautiful shots. I absolutely love a rainy fall day. I have been so tempted to call in sick from work just to enjoy the sounds of rain beating down on the roof, but I'm a terrible liar and I couldn't think of a plausible excuse. So, I trudged out and missed all the fun of a good rain. Thanks for sharing glimpses of what I missed.

dani@little fists

Perfect inspiration.

LOVE the drippy drops and those acorns. So very pretty. Go fall!


Beautiful photos! I love your spirit of appreciating the season.


It's my favorite season,too!

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