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April 03, 2010


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oh, I am jealous. it is cold here! i am knitting : ) your quilt is so pretty.

wishes, true and kind

Love the Spring Fever quilt top! So pretty!


Love this quilt top, so pretty! I had guinea pigs growing up, seeing your's makes me think of mine, how I miss them :)


Oh! Your quilt top is pretty. My sweet and tall husband helps me with quilt photos too. : )

theresa/t does wool

beautiful quilt top~have a lovely weekend~


That's a beautiful quilt, I love the simple design.


such sweet spring photos!
your quilt top is absolutely gorgeous!
i admired my clothes on the line today as the sun passed over them, i can only imagine how glorious this beautiful colorful quilt was!!


Now that's a happy quilt! It came together so nicely. I spy a dog trying to hide behind there. Mine usually walks in front of whatever it is I'm trying to photograph -- basically wrecking the shot.


What a wonderful, spring-y quilt top! I can just imagine all the good times you'll have with this beauty :-)

alyssa spring

I love your quilt...I'm inspired! did you quilt the top or tie it?


amazing...I'm in awe at how quickly you make your quilts! I love this one!


Love all the vibrant colors of your quilt top. You got a lot done since your last post! Hope you are enjoying your weekend, even if it is Monday already.


Beautiful quilt top!!


such a beautiful quilt top!

Lisa Q

wow...! that is just beautiful. you are amazing. this weather is crazy isn't it? it was 91 here today!


If you hadn't mentioned it, I don't think I would've noticed your tall and helpful husband back there. What a beautiful quilt!



That quilt is so gorgeous, and what a wonderful way to put together so many amazing fabrics and colors

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Thanks for your thoughts. It's hepeld me a lot.

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