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November 17, 2009


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Hip Mountain Mama

I am loving that yarn! An hour to yourself sounds heavenly!!

Lisa Q

sounds like you spent it wonderfully. lovin that big girl neighborly! looks fabulous. I just love peekin into your warm and inviting home...that's a great shot of david sitting at the table doing his homework.


I love your photograph through the window. That just says cozy home to me.


one of my favorite things is when i spy my family from the outside looking in. i love that.

i am also one of those that loves to look in the windows of others as we drive by. :) so i adore your outside looking in photo.


I love your photos, they're so pretty and warm. I noticed that typepad had some new features, but I haven't had the time to check them out.


Oh I know those days!! I can't wait to see the big girl pattern. It might be the very first thing I knit for myself


fantastic colours all together! I like to peek through the window too!


I LOVE the photograph through the window. How soft and dreamy :)

Thank you for your help with the Softie. I am excited to make one for the kids.

I am just about to cast on for Francis, and I am excited to get it going. Can't wait to see yours finished


The colors are beautiful. I have to go check out my maple trees and see if our pods are as pretty. Have a great day.
-- Jodi


looks like you took advantage of the hour of alone time. looking forward to your new pattern!

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