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October 23, 2009


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Cute . . . I'm sure he'll love them. Kids seem to love things that were made just for them.


Milkweed shawl = gorgeous

Pillow cases = fabulous

Love them both! :)

Lisa Q

Oh Larissa, it sounds like you've had some trying times this past week. I'm so glad it's the weekend too! Your milkweed shawl was gorgeous being blocked and it's even better on you! So, do you have a shawl pin or anything to keep it wrapped?....I have shawl-fall-offis syndrome and any advice you have for keeping shawls on would be fabulous! The pillowcases are terrific! I love that funky monkey print. It sure is sweet to fall asleep on a handmade pillowcase. Thanks for the love...really, it's been a tough week and your kind words really warmed my heart! Enjoy your weekend!


love the pillowcases and LOVE that shawl.
it's beautiful.


the pillow collection is so lovely and cheery! I love that they are mismatched!


Oh boy...you had a busy week. Hope your weekend is going well. thanks for the link to the shawl. I think this will be perfect for my mom for the holidays.


ooh his bed looks so comfy that i want to hope right in!


Sounds like it's been an activity filled week for you! and you made it!!
Your shawl is lovely on you!!
and those pillowcases are perfect! He'll sleep just perfectly!

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