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September 08, 2009


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Sounds like a lovely day (I love the rain). I can barely imagine a time when everyone in my house is old enough to be off at school all day and I have time to run errands and go to the gym, let alone read and knit in silence :)

Lisa Q

Sounds like it ended well! I love those pictures of the kids getting off the bus. I'm glad you didn't have any crying over coffee. I'm sure today will fall into a rhythm easier than yesterday did...new beginnings are tough on everyone. Enjoy the quiet.


That sounds like a pretty good day to me!


Sounds like the perfect first day. The first picture is so lovely.

I am also not one for small talk. Just too much to do :)


Sounds like a nice day. My kids started kindergarten and pre school this year (just mornings). My first day alone was yesterday and I opted to go to the gym also.


such a bitter sweet time.

glad everyone had a wonderful day!


I'm in the home alone boat with you (for the first time in 12 years!). I had a good day just staying around home. so glad everyone had a good day!


sounds like your day was complete when your children returned home, even amidst the banter!


Such a lovely narrative of your day! I adore The History of Love. I found it to be a very original format that was like a breath of fresh air. It can really tug at your heart and I found the brother and sister entirely captivating. By reading what you wrote about your day, it sounds like you will really enjoy the book.

Take Care,


What a nice day! And sitting on the couch waiting for a turn to talk? Wouldn't happen here, but I wish it would.

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