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August 19, 2009


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well worth the wait! what a debut!!
love it- and in your teaching style, the mods are perfectly explained.


that is fabulous!!! I may just have to learn to knit someday....



Account Deleted

Larissa, that's a perfect fit and style for you! I love how it contrasts with the pants!

melana - sheepsihone

i love it, and you look fabulous!


It really looks great on you! I have to check that yarn out. It is such a pretty color.

Lisa Q

It turned out fabulous! I love the length on you. Such a great job. Your dogs are cracking me up in the photos of you showing off the sweater. I love the one where you see paws in the air. What a hoot! Tell Ezra he did a great job and next time he should get hazard pay!


absolutely gorgeous! it fits you like a glove!!


Larissa, it fits perfect, it looks amazing, and it seems that not a stitch is out of place :)
I am actually thinking of casting on for this ASAP.


it truly fits you SO well... like it was custom made. :)

BEAUTIFUL work, larissa.


An intelligent answer - no BS - which makes a pleasant cgahne


Hey, that post leaves me feeling flooish. Kudos to you!


I feel so much happier now I undetrsnad all this. Thanks!


I think you've just captured the awnser perfectly

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