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August 11, 2009


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Can't wait to hear/read what you learn about color from those books...maybe a little book(s) review :)

Lisa Q

you go girl! I'm sure we'll learn a lot as you learn about color theory! Sounds fascinating. What a bummer about the rusted root. I had to pull mine back too...it was way too short for this mama of three (if you know what I mean!) That new sweater is so great...can't wait to see it all done up and on! And your squares are fabulous. I too love that color combo.


I love your love of learning! Before reading this, I'm not sure I would have checked out books to learn more on a topic. now I will! sounds a bit silly doesn't it? just like I never thought about going to a movie alone, until leslie did it! ) thanks for teaching me something new!


I think that it is awesome that you want to learn a new technique. I have been interested it learning myself, and you are a great inspiration.

I totally understand the need to put down a project and take a deep breath. Both pieces look wonderful.

I LOVE the fabric of the quilt squares, they work perfectly.


I adore these squares. The colors are so bold! I've been wanting to knit the rusted root, too, but haven't gotten to it yet. I love the pink you're using for the pullover though!

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